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At Approved Electrix, we employ a fully certified team of certified commercial and residential electricians with years of experience when it comes to exhaust fans installation across Melbourne. 

Work with Approved Electrix today for the best ventilation solution to protect your homes against moisture, bacteria, and mould.

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Expert Exhaust Fans Installation Services In Melbourne

At Approved Electrix, we pride ourselves on our top-notch exhaust fan installation services.

When your ventilation system goes bump in the night, we will always be a phone call away for emergency services. 

If you’re interested in enlisting our exhaust fan installation services or any other electrical services for your commercial and residential property, don’t hesitate to speak to a member of our team today. 

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Qualified Exhaust Fans Installers

Working with experienced exhaust fan installation technicians is vital to ensuring that your ventilation solutions are properly designed and fitted for your property.

For over two decades, we’ve been providing intuitive exhaust fan installation services to protect Melbourne homes against moisture, bacteria, and mould.

Ceiling-mounted exhaust fan in a modern bathroom, highlighting professional bathroom exhaust fan installation Melbourne by Approved Electrix.

Residential/Commercial Exhaust Fans Installations

Our residential and commercial exhaust fan installers use industry-leading equipment when installing and servicing ventilation systems on a wide range of properties, including restaurants, schools, apartment units and more. 

We’re committed to installing exhaust systems in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and more at fantastic rates. 

The Best Choice For Exhaust Fan Installation

Our certified technicians use the latest tools to install high-quality exhaust fans tailored to your property. With extensive experience in Melbourne, we design and do bathroom exhaust fan installations and kitchen exhaust fan installations for townhouses, apartments, and commercial buildings.

We will ensure that your property has fresh air quality, keeping allergens, mould, and pollutants at bay, whether it’s for your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.

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What Our Happy Customers Have to Say

Fantastic service yet again! Dean and his team always provide a professional service. The best electricians I have used. Very reasonable pricing and knowledgeable. Always on time. They fix all my electrical problems. I highly recommend them.
Linda Aykut
Linda Aykut
00:10 01 Jun 18
Really happy with the service and work I received from Dean and his apprentice. I had a number of new light fittings to install and also wanted some advice on getting power and lighting to our garages. I will book dean again for future work and highly recommend! Thanks again, Dean, the lighting looks amazing.
Angelique Both
Angelique Both
23:11 14 Jun 18
I am writing this review on behalf of my parents. I always use and recommend Dean to everyone. Recently my parents had a problem with random power going off at some parts of their home. Being elderly , Dean attended on site immediately, identified the issue and fixed it. He is very experienced and a genuine person , does not waste time and most importantly fixes the problem without overecharging. Would highly recommend Dean.
erbil aykutyan
erbil aykutyan
00:14 01 Jun 18
Dean is excellent! Arrives on time, professional, knowledgeable with impeccable after sales service. Nothing was a problem. If I could give him more stars I would! Highly recommend Dean to anyone looking for an electrician.
Andrew Wang
Andrew Wang
10:53 16 Apr 18
I freaked out when my two lights in my unit were down but the rest of the house was fine, luckily I found you guys in the area and you were a big help fixing this. Highly recommended
Emily Bui
Emily Bui
10:35 19 Jun 18
Very happy with Jordan and John’s ceiling fan installations. They were super efficient and friendly and provided a really reasonable quote as well. Thank you!
Andy Northrop
Andy Northrop
02:48 13 Oct 23
As a tradesperson myself I have seen and dealt with many trades of varying degrees of quality, from some of the best (rare) to some real shockers unfortunately. Dean and his team of guys most definitely impressed, the whole way through. Thanks Dean for coming by so quickly and for organising the job at lighting speed. Most appreciated thank you. Your guys were early/right on time and so friendly, polite and professional. I’m wrapped with Rob’s work and his meticulousness. Your team is teaching each other quality, and apprentice Shannon is so keen and willing to learn and keen to be helpful and back up his ‘mentor’ on the job at such a young age.. It was awesome to see!!! Quality is hard to find. Definitely highly recommend. Champions! Thank you
Lisa Heming
Lisa Heming
06:26 10 Sep 23
Dean with his excellent team (Al and John) did a number of electical jobs around our home recently. We are very happy with the whole process and outcome. Even when we added more items on the fly they were happy to accomodate and did everything to a very high standard. I highly recommend Approved Electrix for all your electrical needs!
Brett Chaney
Brett Chaney
06:41 25 Jul 23
Very happy with the job Dean and his team did for my ensuite bathroom that included 2 power points, light switches and downlights. They encountered a few problems caused from the previous tradies but were able rectify the issues with minimal fuss.Thanks again fellas.
10:38 23 Oct 23
I needed a data cable installed at our new unit. AE attended the site on short notice and provided a quote, and were able to start the job two days later. The day of the work, the electricians arrived promptly at their start time and completed their work. Would hire again.
Mike Lafky
Mike Lafky
08:01 03 Aug 23
I needed some domestic work: a mix of new power points and lights, the relocation of internet (FTTB) modem point to a more convenient location, and then running two cat6 network cables from the modem point across my apartment to another rooms.Dean responded fast to provide a detailed and competitive quote. Once confirmed he was able to schedule the job two days later.I work in IT and have seen lots of electrical work carried out by various electricians over the years so I'm confident in saying that his guys carried out the work very professionally.Rob turned up when they said he would, had the all necessary parts already with him, did the work to a high quality, and most impressively, was able to recommend creative and low cost solutions for a couple of things I hadn't considered, e.g. the network cables were cleverly able to be routed via the roof space to in between the narrow wall so there was no additional unsightly holes or conduit. Then they tested everything properly and cleaned up very well after themselves.This is all consistent with my previous experience when employing Dean several times over the past almost 10 years. Great service at reasonable prices... what more could you ask for?!
Jason Hay
Jason Hay
03:51 10 Jan 24
I have been using Dean and his team regularly since 2016 to assist with a range of electrical works at both my house and my parent's unit. Not only has he been very responsive and easy to deal with but the work is always of the highest quality. Highly recommended!
Anthony Hart
Anthony Hart
11:41 09 Jan 24
I went to the trouble of getting a number of quotes for a TV to be mounted & for x3 ceiling fans to be installed. Approved Electrix was not only the quickest business to respond, but the easiest to communicate with and had the most affordable quote. Their text message booking system was easy to use and made communication really easy. I was home the day the electrician (Al) came to do the job. He was so kind and helpful. He chatted to me about what he was doing and asked lots of questions has he installed the items to ensure they were positioned in the most ideal location. He even helped me fix up a few other small jobs in my house, he was wonderful & it was an excellent experience. I will definitely be using them again if I ever need electrical work done. Thank you for such a seamless service and thank you to Al for his work at my place 🙂
M Vecchio
M Vecchio
03:00 06 Dec 23
The boys did fantastic work very quickly at my place. My new garage is now wired up for cameras and electric car charging couldn’t be happier.Really appreciate Jordon accomodating changes to the plan on the fly as I thought of additional stuff I would like. Shannon also did great work from digging trenches to getting in the roof to run cables and wiring up all my new lights. I’ll definitely use these guys again.
Sam Freshly
Sam Freshly
05:26 28 Feb 24
Received 4 quotes for a switchboard upgrade. This group was the most professional and gave me the most confidence. Was flexible in adjusting the work to suit my preferences, turned up on time, work was completed without fuss and I was pleasantly surprised that they cleaned up everything at the end. I had an inspector drop by to review the work (because this included a new mains connection from the street) and they said it was a ‘good job’. Recommended.
John Moy
John Moy
00:58 25 Apr 24
Dean was super easy to coordinate with. Had 2 electricians out within hours who were super nice and replaced light switches fast. Really good prices, by far the cheapest. Would use again easily.
02:41 26 Apr 24
Very happy experience with Approved Electrix. Very prompt response to my request. Though mine was a small job, got rid of an unwanted wire and relocated a PowerPoint, it was done quickly and nicely. Thanks again to Dean and his team. Definitely will call them again when I have another job in the future.
07:04 27 Mar 24

Why Install An Exhaust Fan?

Poor ventilation can cause sick building syndrome, a phenomenon where an indoor space makes people feel unwell.

Installing an exhaust fan throughout your home or commercial property is crucial to avoiding this and keeping your property fresh. 

Efficient bathroom ventilation is key to keeping moisture from building up on walls and counters. In kitchens, creating a safe exhaust system by installing an exhaust fan can aid in preventing oil from building up on surfaces, maintaining your interior air quality during and after cooking.

And if you have a Euro laundry, investing in an exhaust fan is vital for combating moisture in these smaller spaces.

Installing an exhaust fan stops moisture, mould and bacteria from accumulating in your interiors. We see many east and southeast Melbourne properties using old ventilation systems that lack sensors and provide poor air circulation.

To ensure your exhaust fan is installed to the highest standards, you want to work with a certified residential or commercial technicians. Thankfully, our team at Approved Electrix is here to help.

Contact us today to inquire about our exhaust fan installation services.

When you make Approved Electrix your exhaust fan installation service of choice, you’ll get the following benefits:

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We work on many electrical projects across domestic and commercial properties. From lighting, to switchboard upgrades and more.

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Where are the most important rooms in which to install an exhaust fan?

At a minimum, you’ll want to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. In the bathroom, exhaust fan installation is crucial to prevent a buildup of moisture, which can lead to mould. Installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen keeps surfaces free from grease when you’re cooking and ensures that the smell of food does not linger in the air. In a laundry room, an exhaust prevents condensation buildup from the water in your washing machine and dryer. A good ventilation system is doubly important in a European laundry, as these are typically smaller and windowless with limited natural ventilation.

An exhaust fan works by drawing air pollutants upwards and dispelling them from your home’s interiors. The old air is then replaced by new air coming in through ventilation in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. Though an exhaust fan can be turned on and off manually, modern exhaust fans can also operate automatically when they detect that humidity has risen above a certain level.

We strongly recommend enlisting a qualified commercial or residential technician to install your exhaust fans primarily for safety reasons. Using the wrong tools can cause fire hazards or eventuate in needless damage to your property. An electrician can also help you assess the best spots in your commercial or residential property to install exhaust fans to maximise their moisture and odour-removing efficiency. 

Approved Electrix’s certified exhaust fan technicians also perform installation according to all relevant Victorian regulations as stated by the Victorian Building Authority. Exhaust fans need to be installed in such a way that the contaminated air they discharge does not harm the structural integrity of your and surrounding properties. Certain manufacturers will also require their exhaust fans to be installed by certified technicians to keep their unit’s warranty intact. 

A fully functional, modern exhaust fan is essential to a proper home or commercial ventilation system. Without a proper exhaust fan, you run the risk of moisture, bacteria, mould, foul odours and more accumulating in your property’s interiors. An upgraded exhaust fan also eliminates the risk of sick building syndrome. Constantly future-proofing your exhaust fan also saves you on energy expenses, as most modern models switch on and off automatically depending on the moisture levels in the room. 

The first aspect to consider when selecting an ideal exhaust fan for installation is to determine the size of the unit in relation to the size of the room. You need to take into account factors such as the room’s air volume in cubic metres, the type of room and the desired air exchange rate for maintaining air quality. You’ll also need to look at an exhaust fan’s noise level and features like humidity sensors. A licensed electrician can help you determine what specific model of exhaust fan /certain rooms in your house or commercial property need. 

Exhaust fan installation by electricians at Approved Electrix should take no longer than 1-3 hours, depending on factors like the type of exhaust fan to be installed, the state of your current domestic or commercial ventilation system and the extent of electrical work that needs to be done during installation. 

If you would like a more accurate estimate of how long an exhaust fan installation would take for your specific domestic or commercial property, you can reach out to a member of the Approved Electrix team through our website.