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Vehicle Access and Detection Systems Melbourne

Approved Electrix supply and install vehicle priority access systems and traffic light systems for commercial customers that need a solution for their car park access. This provides safe access for car parks with a single entry and exit point. 

Vehicle Access can be combined with traffic lights to create a safe and secure environment for vehicles to enter and exit a property. For carparks that are multi-level or have one-way ramps this is crucial to ensure the safety of all cars and pedestrians.

Vehicle Identification Melbourne

Approved Electrix is an experienced provider of vehicle detection systems in Melbourne. We provide off-the-shelf and customised solutions for vehicle identification. Our team will create a solution for your property that will increase security and revenue in your business.

For more information on our vehicle detection systems please contact us.

Why Do You Need Vehicle Access?

Tailored Vehicle Priority Systems

Vehicle Priority Systems offer specialised vehicle priority controlled to help with one-way ramps, single direction vehicle access points. No matter if you have a smaller building or a multi-storey car park we can help with all your vehicle access needs.

Efficient Traffic Flow and Reduced Wait Times

Approved Electrix create custom Vehicle Access solutions for your property we can provide the best options to reduce wait times and traffic flow throughout your carpark. This also increases security for all users.

Compliance with Council Regulations

Ensuring safety at your property is essential and can also be a council requirement that you install a Vehicle Access System. We install to council regulations and ensure your vehicle access system has site specific programming.

Our team are ready to help you create a custom solution that works for your business and premises. Please reach out to our team to organise a consultation.